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Budget Highlights 2020

Budget Highlights 2018

Budget 2015 – What it means for you

Employment: Unemployment is expected to decrease in 2015 by approximately 10%. “We expect to have 2,000,000 at work in 2016”, Minister Noonan. Government Revenue: In 2015, total general government expenditure is expected to be €70.5 billion, while government revenue is expected to be €65.2 billion. Ireland’s GDP growth rate is forecast at 3.9% in 2015 …

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Budget Highlights 2015

Budget 2015

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New law for the unemployed to upload CVs to job sites – or have their dole cut

The government has launched ‘Pathways to Work’ document on the 7th October 2014. Upload your CV onto job websites or face having your dole cut – this has been the latest discussion by the government to tackle Ireland’s 11.1% unemployment rate. The governments ‘Pathways to Work 2015’ document has placed a strong emphasis on measures …

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Budget 2015 – Christmas Bonus for Pensioners

According to the Irish Independent, the Budget 2015 is set to restore part of the pensioners Christmas Bonus. 5 years ago the Coalition dropped the Christmas bonus which had previously cost €260 million, so this year ministers are looking to partly restore the bonus as a gesture. A full bonus would give 1.2 million social …

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Budget 2014 – Tax Guide

Budget 2014 tax guide

Main Tax Credits & Allowances 2014 2013 € € Personal Tax Credits Single Person 1,650 1,650 Married or in a Civil Partnership 3,300 3,300 Single Person Child Carer 1,650 – One-Parent Family – 1,650 Widowed Person or Surviving Civil Partner – In year of bereavement 3,300 3,300 – Without dependent children 2,190 2,190 – With …

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Budget 2014 – The Highlights

Budget 2014 highlights

Business Tax  Corporation Tax Rate It is welcoming to hear that the Government has once again re-affirmed its commitment to the retention of Ireland’s 12.5% Corporation Tax rate. In light of constant media attention surrounding the matter, it is encouraging that the Government remains determined to retain the 12.5% tax rate, as this is …

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Budget 2013

Budget 2013

Tax increases and spending cuts of €3.5bn have been announced in Budget 2013. Main points New Property Tax from July 2013 of 0.18% on homes worth up to €1m, and 0.25% on those over €1m Three-year exemption from Property Tax for first-time buyers, and people buying new or previously unoccupied homes Child Benefit will be cut by …

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Budget 2012 – Highlights – Day Two

BUDGET 2012 DAY TWO Income tax: No increase VAT: Raised by 2% to 23% Universal Social Charge: Exemption raised to €10,000 – this affects 330,000 people Carbon Tax: Increased from €15 per tonne to €20 per tonne This means: 1.4c increase on Petrol 1.6c increase on Diesel €17.32 increase on Fuel Oil (to rise in …

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