Main points

€3.8bn fiscal adjustment needed in 2012

€2.2bn of adjustment from spending

€1.4bn in day-to-day spending cuts

€20m earmarked for new Labour Market Activation Fund

Public service staff down by 6,000

Public service pay bill to fall by €400m in 2012


Weekly social-welfare payments unchanged

Changes to the one-parent family payment will save €20.7m

Child benefit for first and second child unchanged

Cut of six weeks in the cold-weather allowance

Jobseekers’ benefit to be based on five-day week

Redundancy and insolvency changes will reduce employer rebate from 60% to 15%

Back-to-School Clothing Allowance abolished for two/three-year-olds

Payments for new claimants of Disability Allowance cut to €100 a week for people aged 18-21, and to €144 for people aged 22-24.


€543m in net savings in the health area

Extra charges on private treatment in public hospitals

Drug Payment Scheme monthly threshold up from €120 to €132

New measures will reduce the price of drugs

2% cut in disability, mental health and children’s services, saving €50m

Staff ceiling of 103,800 employees to apply to HSE in 2012


€132.3m savings in education

2% cut in Higher Education funding – €7m saving

Increase of €250 in third-level student contribution

Changes to fee and maintenance supports for new post-graduate students

Education expenditure will comprise 17% of all current expenditure next year

€19.2m in cuts to trainee and apprenticeship schemes

Primary-school transport charge to be doubled to €100


Savings of €105m in Dept of Agriculture, Marine, Food

Savings of €45m in Dept of Transport, Tourism, Sport

Savings of €34m in Environment, Community, Local Govt

€52.9m cut in Overseas Development Aid

€79m cut in spending for An Garda Síochána