The government has launched ‘Pathways to Work’ document on the 7th October 2014.

Upload your CV onto job websites or face having your dole cut – this has been the latest discussion by the government to tackle Ireland’s 11.1% unemployment rate. The governments ‘Pathways to Work 2015’ document has placed a strong emphasis on measures to reduce the unemployment rate in Ireland & over the next 2 years, the initiative aims to help 100,000 people back into work.

Under Pathways to Work 2015, 57,000 education and training places for long term unemployed and 33,000 places on Department of Social Protection programmes will be provided this year and next year. 

The introduction of a Working Family bonus was also announced as part of the Pathways to Work. The Working Family Bonus allows job seekers who return to work, retain welfare payments for the children for a small period. This removes the ‘welfare traps’ which prevents people from working as they believe they are better off out of work than in employment. According to, approximately 1/3 unemployed people with kids fall under this trap.

The latest version of Pathways to Work 2015 plans to implement 17 major actions with 45 milestones with a view to ensure that 2015 targets are delivered.

Minister of State Humphreys said:

“It is very clear that our journey to recovery is a marathon not a sprint and we still have some distance to travel.  The initiatives contained in Pathways to Work 2015 are specifically designed to address the twin issue of long-term and youth unemployment. I look forward, in conjunction with the Tánaiste and my colleagues in Government, to ensuring that the Pathways programme is implemented in full so that the ‘recovery dividend’ is shared by all and not just a few.”